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If this was the soft rollout, what is the hard rollout going to look like?

26 Jan

It has been hard to miss what was billed as the “soft rollout” of Governor George Allen’s 2012 United States Senate campaign.

Here’s what two sources close to the Allen campaign told Politico:

But two sources also stressed that Monday would not look like a formal kickoff. Beyond the message to supporters and a press release to the media, Allen will not be doing much publicly.

Advisers are billing this as a soft rollout, which will not include a major media blitz, press conference or statewide tour to touch down in every television market.

“That will come later in the year, perhaps the spring or early summer,” said the operative.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/48027.html#ixzz1C78EFjhT

Here’s the announcement in case you missed it:

Since that video came out Governor Allen appeared on a few Virginia talk radio stations in addition to the Mark Levin show and taped and exclusive interview for Bearing Drift’s podcast. He also appeared on Fox News’s Hannity on Monday night:

Additionally today, Allen signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge:

Former Gov. George Allen has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in his race for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat. The Pledge, sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), commits signers to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses … and oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.”

“I want to congratulate Gov. Allen for taking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The American people clearly showed their displeasure in November with the tax-and-spend policies coming from Washington. They want real solutions that create jobs and cut government spending,” said Grover Norquist, president of ATR.

“By signing the Pledge, George Allen demonstrates that he understands the problems of hard-working taxpayers nationwide, but especially the taxpayers of Virginia.”

And this evening Governor Allen responded to the State of the Union:

“No one disputes that President Obama is a gifted orator, but we need the right actions more than the right words.  People want to reverse job-destroying policies and instead unleash America’s businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs.

“Since Senator Jim Webb went to Washington and embraced the liberal policies of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, we have had rising joblessness and skyrocketing national debt.  Talk of simply freezing spending now is much more than a day late and trillions of dollars short.

“I’m one who believes that if government reduces burdensome regulations, keeps taxes low, and unleashes our plentiful energy resources then entrepreneurs in the private sector will innovate and create jobs so more Americans can achieve their dreams.”

Not bad for a “soft rollout”. Not at all.

Additionally, the Washington Post is reporting the first information on what is the beginning of Governor Allen’s campaign staff. Mostly familiar names on that list though not included are Americans For Prosperity State Director Ben Marchi who is expected to join the campaign once he leaves Americans for Prosperity in March. In addition two other well known Republicans are expected to join the campaign.

Allen also has banner ads up on a number of websites including the Washington Post.

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