George Allen – Conservative with a record to prove it.

27 Jan

Before and since Governor George Allen announced his intentions to run for the United States Senate in 2012 some Republicans have tried to paint him as “moderate” and “a big government conservative” among many other things. In a recent interview with National Review Online Governor Allen proves these attacks are simply untrue:

NRO: You’ll also probably hear that as a former senator, you’re a “Washington insider.” Now, “Washington insiders” who have lifetime ACU ratings in the 90s aren’t really the primary problem that I worry about –

ALLEN: [laughter] I was looking at my Americans for Tax Reform ratings — 95, 95, 100, 100. And National Federation of Independent Business on small-business issues: all 100s.  Builders and Contractors, all 100s. Chamber of Commerce — all a bunch of hundreds. 100 percent, Christian Coalition. 100 percent, National Right to Life. Focus on the Family, 100. NRA, A-plus . . .  I’m a conservative, and always have been a commonsense, Jeffersonian conservative. That mischaracterization of the facts and of my record is disappointing. I have always trusted free people and free enterprise and don’t like a meddling, nanny government that limits or pesters people in their lives.

I have always been fighting the establishment, going back to when I was governor reforming welfare, reforming education, and abolishing parole. [It was] the same in the Senate, just trying to reform the Senate in Washington. I have been a longtime proponent of a balanced budgetand presenting the president with the authority of the line-item veto, which I had as governor. One good example of that, one that people will readily remember is that infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska. I was one of about a dozen senators who voted against that, to the chagrin of the leadership including the leadership of that committee from Alaska. That’s an example of standing up to the establishment, but also a prime example of why the president should have line-item-veto authority.


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